Until Spring of 2020 club meets are held Tuesdays at 1 PM and Saturdays at 9 AM. Please arrive early!!

At 1 PM every day (except Saturdays) there typically are folks playing on the courts. ,(please contact bf@4b.us if you need to know the times)

Results for October 15, 2019:

1 Don Albert & Brandon Smith

2 Carol Racine & Mike Morgan, Shawn Hart

3 Gary Golden & Bruce Forbes, Lucette Fecteau

4 Arthur Philbrick & Pat Williams

Results of October 5, 2019:

1 Don Albert & Brandon Smith

2 Lucette Fecteau & Bruce Forbes

3 Jamie Dyer & Gary Golden

4 Dan Howard & Andrea Dye

Results of the Grapevine Tournament:

1 Gary Golden

2 Don Albert

3 Dan Howard

4 Joe LeProhon

5 Tony Aubé

6 Lucette Fecteau

Results from Saturday, Sept. 21:

1 Tony Aubé & Raymond Fecteau

2 Dan Howard & Brandon Smith

3 Don Albert & Bruce Forbes

4 Jamie Dyer & Andrea Dyer

5 Carol Racine & Mike Morgan

6 Claire Kiedrowski & Lucette Fecteau

Results from Tuesday, September 18th:

1 Don Albert & Bruce Forbes

2 Lucette Fecteau & Tony Aubé

3 Carol Racine & Sue Valentino

4 Mike Morgan & Claire Kiedrowski

5 Clem Labonté & Phil Castonguay

6 Bob Harding & Phil Hart

Results from Saturday, September 14, 2019:

1 Jamie Dyer & Brandon Smith

2 Carol Racine & Gary Golden

3 Amy Morrissette & Jim Brogan

4 Erica Golden & Don Albert

5 Eric Kaherlk & Clem Labonté

6 Dan Howard & Tony Aubé

Results from Tuesday, September 10, 2019

1 Bob Harding & Lucette Fecteau & Gary Golden
2 Claire Kiedrowski & Sue Valentino

3 Keith Hart & Raymond Fecteau

4 Phil Castonguay & Mike Morgan

5 Don Albert & Shawn Hart

6 Murielle Martin & Clem Labonté

Bob Madore Tournament Results


1 Lucette Fecteau & Tony Aubé

2 Erica Golden & Shawn Hart

3 Gary Golden & Clem Labonté


1 Don Albert & Dan Howard

2 Carol Racine & Brandon Smith

3 Sue Valentino & Andrea Dyer


1 Bruce Forbes & Jamie Dyer

2 Amy Morrissette & Bob Harding

Results from 9/3/19

1.Carol Racine, Ray Fecteau, Lucette Fecteau

2.Clem Labonte, Bob Harding

3.Carol Poulin, Shawn Hart, Gary Golden

4.Phil Hart, Don Albert, Dan Howard

5.Sue Valentino, Arthur Filbert

6.Phil Castonguay, Claire Kiedrowski, Bruce Forbes

Results from 8/31/19:

1 Jim Brogan & Tony Aube

2 Gary Golden & Jamie Dyer

3 Clem Labonté & Andrea Dyer

4 Brandon Smith & David Wuori

5 Bruce Forbes & Dan Howard

6 Lucette Fecteau & Ray Fecteau

Results from 8/27/19

1.Tony Aube, Lu Fecteau

2..Dan Howard, Gary Golden

3.Jamie Dyer, Carol Racine

4.Arthur Philbrick, Bruce Forbes

5.Sue Valentino, Bob Harding

6.Don Albert, Andrea Dyer

Results of the Augusta Fuel Tournament:


1 Gary Golden & Raymond Fecteau
2 Dan Howard & Brandon Smith

3 André Strong & Paula Hogan


1 Erica Golden & Bruce Forbes

2 J.J. Ferhle & John Nicole

3 Sue Valentino & Bob Harding


1 Jamie Dyer & Mike Morgan

2 Lucette Fecteau & Clem Labonté

3 Claire Kiedrowski & Joe LaProhon

Results for August 20, 2019

1.Don Albert, Dan Howard

2.Bob Harding, Bruce Forbes

3.Andrea Dyer, CLen Labonte

4.Carol Racine, Sue Valentino

5.Mike Morgan, Gary Golden

6.Ray Fecteau, Jen NewJersey

Results for August 13, 2019

1..Gary Golden, Lucette Fecteau

2.Don Albert, Clem Labonte

3.Muriel Martin, Bruce Forbes

4.Andrea Dyer, Erick Kaherl

5.Phil Hart, Mike Morgan

6.Jamie Dyer, Sue Valentino

Results for August 10, 2019

1. Erica Golden, Bruce Forbes

2.Gary Golden, Brandon Smith

3.Tony Aube, Andrea Dyer, Clem Labonte

4. Jamie Dyer, Dan Howard

5.Mike Morgan, Phil Castonguay

6.Amy Morrissette, Don Albert

Results for August 6, 2019

1.Murielle Martin, Gary Golden

2.Andrea Dyer, Don Albert

3.Lucette Fecteau, Mike Morgan

4. Jamie Dyer, Carol Racine

5..Phil Castonguay, Peter Rosenberg

6.Dan Howard, Katie Kaherl

Results for August 3, 2019

1. Jamie Dyer, Andrea Dyer

2.Joan Theberge, Clem Labonte

3.Brandon Smith, Bruce Forbes

4.Don Albert, Tony Aube

5.Ray Bolduc, Lucette Fecteau

6. Dan Howard, Mike Morgan

Results For Thursday, Aug 1, 2019 Hawaiian Trophy Singles Tournament

1.Bruce Forbes

2. Jamie Dyer

3.Gary Golden

4.Mike Morgan

5. Tony Aube

6. Dan Howard

Results for Tuesday, July 30, 2019:

1.Jamie Dyer, Dan Howard

2, Andrea Dyer, Ray Fecteau

3. Lu Fecteau, Clem Labonte

4.Tonia Conner, Don Albert

5.Bob Harding, Phil Castonguay

6.Katie Kaherl, Eric Kaherl

Results for Saturday, July 27:

1.Erica Golden, Bruce Forbes

2.Claire Kiedrowski, Dan Howard

3.Tony Aube, Phil Castonguay, Andrea Dyer

4.Jamie Dyer, Karen McFadden

5.Lucette Fecteau, Ray Fecteau, Don Albert

6..Mike Morgan, Peter Rosenberg

Results for Tuesday, July 23:

1.Jean Claude Cortes, Bruce Forbes

2.Gary Golden, Andrea Dyer

3.Don Albert, Clem Labonte

4.Phil Castonguay, Sue Valentino

5.Katie Kaherl, Dan Howard

6. Ray Fecteau, Karen McFadden

Results for Tuesday, July 16:

1.Clean Labonte, Brandon Smith

2.Ray Fecteau, Karen McFadden

3.CLaire Kiedrowski, Jamie Dyer

4.Phil Castonguay, Andrea Dyer

5.Joan Theberge, Gary Golden

6.Mike Morgan, Muriel Martin

Results for Saturday, July 13:

1 Claire Kiedrowski, Eric Kaherl & Ray Fecteau

2 Mike Morgan, Clem Labonté & Lucette Fecteau

3 Carol Racine, Phil Castonguay & Bruce Forbes

4 Jim Brogan, Gary Golden & Ray Bolduc

Results for July 9:

1.Eric Kaherl, Mike Morgan

2.Andrea Dyer, Phil Castonguay

3.Joan Theberge, Ray Fecteau, Dan Howard

4.Bob Harding, Gary Golden

5.Muriel Martin, Clen Labonte, Bruce Forbes

6.Katie Kaherl, Lucette Fecteau

Results for July 6:

1.Ray Fecteau, Lucette Fecteau, Phil Castonguay

2.Ernie Sanborn, Dan Howard, Eric Kaherl

3.Mike Morgan, Jim Brogan

4. Ray Bolduc, Jamie Dyer

5.Gary Golden, Bruce Forbes

6. Katie Kaherl, Andrea Dyer

Results for July 2:

1.Jamie, Dyer, Gary Golden, Dana North

2. Mike Morgan, Karn McFadden

3. Phil Castonguay, Dan Howard

4. Carol Poulin, Brandon Smith

5. Murielle Martin, Lucette Fecteau

6. Andrea Dyer, Eric Kaherl, Ray Fecteau

Results for June 29th are:

1.Brandon Smith, Jim Brogan

2. Eric Kaherl, Clem Labonte, Dan Howard

3. Phil Castonguay, Bruce Forbes

4. Carol Racine, Lucette Fecteau

5. Mike Morgan, Jamie Dyer, Ray Fecteau

6. Joan Theberge, Andrea Dyer

On Wednesday, June 26, at Mill Park Petanque in Augusta, Maine, we had a “rain day meet” as Tuesday was a washout. Not many showed, but those that did had a good time.

The results for June 26 are:

1.Gary Golden, Bruce Forbes

2.Claire Kiedrowski, Ray Fecteau

3. Clem Labonte, Joan Theberge, Dan Howard

4. Mike Morgan, Carol Poulin.

Results from the Whatever Week Tournament, held June 22, 2019, at Mill Park Petanque, Augusta, Maine

1 Dan Howard, Eric Kaherl

2 Katie Kaherl, Jamie Dyer, Ray Fecteau

3 Joan Theberge, Joe Leprohon

4. Jim Brogan, Bruce Forbes

5.Mike Morgan, Andrea Dyer, Clem Labonte

6.Carter Miville, Carol Racine, Gary Golden

Results from June 18, 2019

  1. Eric Kaherl, Gary Golden, Bruce Forbes

  2. Clem Labonte, Ray Bolduc, Ray Fecteau

  3. Jamie Dyer, Mike Morgan

  4. Brandon Smith, Andrea Dyer

  5. Carol Racine, Carol Poulin

  6. Katie Kaherl, Phil Castonguay, Dan Howard

Results from June 15, 20019

1. Brandon Smith, Mike Morgan

2.Bucky Larochelle, Bruce Forbes

3..Jim Brogan, Erica Golden

4. Jeanne Sonia, Dan Howard

5. Joan Theberge, Amy Morrissette

6. Ray Bolduc, Eirk Kaherl

Results from June 11, 2019

1.Carol Racine, Dan Howard

2.Gary Golden, Bruce Forbes

3.Lucette Fecteau, Karen McFadden

4.Phil Castonguay, Andrea Dyer

5.Erik Kaherl, Ray Fecteau

6.Katie Kaherl, Ray Bolduc

#### On June 10, 2019 our club hosted Halldale High School seniors for some instruction and games. A good time was had by all.

#### On June 9, 2019, Dan Howard, Gary Golden, and Bruce Forbes represented our club at the Blue Hill (Maine Boules Club) Triples tournament. In a strong field, they finished second.

Results from Saturday, June 8, 2019

1.Phil Castonguay, Gary Golden

2. Erica Golden, Brandon Smith

3. Jessica Karehl, Erik Karehl

4. Mike Morgan, Bruce Forbes

5. Dan Howard, Jamie Dyer

6. Carol Racine, Andrea Dyer

Results from Tuesday, June 4, 20019

1.Brandon Smith, Erik Kaherl

2.Andrea Dyer, Cailan Simeone

3. Phil Castonguay, Dan Howard, Bruce Forbes

4. Murielle Martin, Ray Bolduc

5. Jamie Dyer, Clem Labonte, Gary Golden

6. Carol Racine, Mike Morgan

Results from Saturday, June 1, 2019

1. Gary Golden, Jamie Dyer

2. Andrea Dyer, Brandon Smith

3.Joan Theberge, Dan Howard, Bruce Forbes

4.Claire Kiedrowski, Ray Fecteau, Ernie Sanborn

5. Lucette Fecteau, Jeanne Sonia

6. Phil Castonguay, Ray Bolduc

Results from Saturday, May 25, 2019

1.. Brandon Smith, Andrea Dwyer

2. Dan Howard, Claire Kiedrowski

3. Bruce Forbes, Phil Castonguay

4. Amy Morrisette, Ray Fecteau, Erica Golden

5. Lucette Fecteau, Clem Labonte, Gary Golden

6. Joan Theberge, Mike Morgan

Results from Tuesday, May 21, 2019

  1. Gary Golden, Phil Castonguay, Mike Morgan (2 wins)

  2. Bruce Forbes, Don Albert, Ernie Sanborn (1 win)

Results from our May 18, 2019 Tournament

1, Jean Sonia, Brandon Smith

2. Jim Brogan, Eric Kaherl, Gary Golden

3. Andrea Dwyer, Carol Racine, Dan Howard

4. Lucette Fecteau, Erica Golden

5. Amy Morrisette,, Mike Morgan

6. Clem Labonte, Ray Fecteau, Bruce Forbes

Results from our May 11th, 2019 Club Tournament

1. Ray Fecteau, Ray Bolduc, Bruce Forbes

2.: Jean Sonia, Dan Howard

3. Mike Morgan, Phil Castonguay

4. Jim Brogan, Joe LeProhen

5. Phil Taylor, Carter Miville, Gary Golden

6. Clem Labonte, Brandon Smith, Lucette Fecteau

Results from our May 4th, 2019 Club Tournament:

What started as a gloomy and chilly day turned in to a morning full of sun.

  1. Ray Buldoc, Don Albert, Brandon Smith.

  2. Carol Racine, Jammie Dyer, Gary Golden.\

  3. . Anne Small, Andrea Dyer, Ray Fecteau

  4. . Lucette Fecteau, Bruce Forbes

Club News And Results

** (posted March 5, 2019) The courts will look different this spring. It is planned that half the courts will be covered with a fine blue gravel, adding variety of play.

** (posted Dec. 6, 2018) On the unusually warm day of Monday, Dec. 3rd, Brandon Smith had Ray Fecteau, Gary Golden, and Bruce Forbes down to Cape Elizabeth to play some petanque. The court was actually an outdoor batting cage. Perfect size and great (but very difficult) terrain. A few pictures in the “Photos” section.

** (posted Nov. 14, 2018) At the recently completed Amelia Island Doubles Tournament, Ray and Lu Fecteau finished 52nd out of 186 teams.